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At SSE Renewables, we are constantly exploring opportunities to leverage digital technologies, to enable our significant growth aspirations and enhance the operations of our current fleet. This work is constantly taking us into new and uncharted territory, often at the edge of what is possible.

We can only achieve this by partnering with companies that share the same pioneering spirit, that are willing to work closely with us every step of the way, as a completely trusted ally. Excite Technologies have proven to be exactly this time and time again – and got us out of a few scrapes to boot!”

Oliver Abell || Digital (ad)Ventures – the “Flying Squad” and “Landing Crew”, SSE Engineering and Innovation

“The AV system utilises the latest technology to enable us to seamlessly deliver hybrid learning events, where remote participants report that their experience isn’t diminished in any way. The system has also revolutionised the way Maudsley Learning communicates internally, supporting both flexibility and inclusivity”

Kiran Virk | Simulation Technology & Media Production Manager, South London & Maudsley Foundation NHS Trust

From the beginning of the project it was a pleasure to work with Jason and the team. Their genuine excitement about helping us solve our problem was clear and their knowledge and creativity helped us find an excellent solution. I would recommend Excite Technology if you’re looking for a bespoke approach to your AV issues”

Dr Greg Shields, Consultant Psychiatrist and Head of Masterclasses, NHS - Maudsley Learning

“The flexibility and commitment shown by the team at Excite Technology towards SSE Renewables is first class and they are a joy to do business with. The team have delivered a consistently high standard of work on the innovation projects for which we have partnered, and I look forward to continuing to work together on more”

James Scobie || Digital Delivery Lead, SSE Renewables




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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Today we see examples of the Internet of Things all around us such as

Ring Doorbells, Amazon Echo, and Smart Light switches.

The Internet of Things simply describes a network of connected devices that are embedded with sensors, processors, and software. These can connect, exchange data, and communicate primarily over the internet or other communications systems.

Imagine Lone Workers wearing GPS wrist trackers so they may be safely tracked during working hours, where the system can detect if they are still for too long and alert the emergency services if their health or life is threatened, or Forklift trucks in a Warehouse that automatically slow down when approaching workers crossing. These are both great examples from the Internet of Things.

At Excite technology we see the importance of IoT Systems In making the world a better and greener place. We have been working in the renewable energies industry developing environmental monitoring systems to monitor wildlife and its natural habitat around power station sites. We have given global companies better visibility of their meeting rooms, with occupancy sensors to save on electricity and empowering more companies with technology that allows them to reduce their carbon footprint by meeting and learning remotely allowing them freedom without having to travel.

IOT technologies are set to shape the world around us and help people make better decisions thus improving the quality of life for us all.