Fully Automated Underwater Threat Detection System

HarbourGuard™ is a concept which has arisen because of today’s immediate security situation.

The EU has requested that we develop Improved underwater detection and control capabilities to protect maritime areas and sea harbours. Following an extensive research and development programme we now have a cutting-edge solution made possible with the latest developments in subsurface lighting, high-definition sonar, camera, and analytical processing technology combined into a seamless automated system.

Using advanced light processing techniques deployed by NASA the system can conceivably ensure that water visibility issues can be overcome.

Once deployed in key entrance areas the combined camera and high-resolution sonar imagery is overlayed to produce an extremely clear image of any hull of any size stem to stern. Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning is used to analyse the imagery to detect contraband or other threats fixed to hulls and alert a rapid response unit to apprehend said vessel before it can proceed.

A singular small ROV mounted solution is currently be developed to quickly confirm the threat should a secondary confirmation be required. Such processes would largely be determined following application to ensure chain of custody and legal definition for admissible evidence.

HarbourGuard™ avoids lengthy and expensive inspection by divers or current methods at this stage allowing reasonable cause for the vessel to be quarantined for inspection and retrieval of contraband.

Regular and expensive maintenance of the equipment can be avoided using shore or platform side deployment allowing the chain of equipment to be withdrawn safely for repair swap out.

In short HarbourGuard™ delivers a fully automated platform alerting official channels in real time to subsea threats and provides evidential proof through chain of custardy that is sealed and legally approved for submission in a court of law.