Offshore Multi-Sensory Technologies

Working in the some of the harshest environments the earth has to offer Excite Technology have been developing a variety of efficient techniques for monitoring offshore wildlife.  We must implement hardware to marine-grade standards as most technical equipment would be affected by servere corrosion form the salty water if the gale-force winds do not destroy them first. We are experts in protecting and maintaining these technologies at sea.

A selection of technologies is described below to outline some of our capabilities in this area of research.

Our proprietary submersible cameras utilised the latest technology in image processing and encoding packaged into high quality marine-grade water resistant enclosures. These cameras can be submerged to extreme depths and still deliver interference-free clear images that can be either recorded or live-streamed securely.

Technical specifications:

30x Optical Zoom

2 Simultaneous streams up to 1090p (25/30fps)

ONVIF 2.4 profile ‘S’ Compliant

Camera & Enclosure Designed and manufactured in the UK for Excite Technology Ltd

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We partner with Cobra Octopus to utilise their Echoscope range of 3D Sonars that are rated up to 4,000 metres. The Echoscope4G® Surface is their latest 3D sonar which offers unique high resolution, real-time 3D imaging, and mapping in a lighter, smaller, and lower cost platform. The Echoscope4G Surface enters a new, distinct market space for shallow water system operations, rated to a depth of 20 meters.

This plug-and-play solution is built around a unique patented technology to generate a complete 3D model – composed of over 16,000 soundings from every acoustic transmission, refreshed up to 20 Hz.

We utilise the SL3 Subsea LiDAR laser in partnership with 3D at Depth.

The LIDAR laser system is powered by proprietary point cloud processing software with in-house patented technology and customized optical design. Each SL laser pulses at 40,000 times a second and can receive over 10 multi returns per pulse which are filtered through software. The results deliver precise, accurate 3D point clouds. The steerable long-range beam extends up to 45 metres and each base image is made up of 2.1 million measurements per sector. These highly accurate 3D images can be exported into any GIS, CAD, visualisation, and analysis software.

We recommend the H2A hydrophone from Aquarian Audio Products. It’s designed to provide high-quality audio performance in a low-cost device. It is very durable and will interface directly with ECM-type consumer microphone preamps. It offers very good sensitivity and low noise in the human auditory range. The H2a’s streamlined shape and high specific gravity will help to maintain a low working depth in a moving water column. Its compact size and the easy hand of its cable make it very portable and simple to use.

The H2a offers a very simple solution to your underwater listening needs. It incorporates a matched sensor and FET buffer preamplifier assembly that produces an output electrically equivalent to electret-condenser microphones. This style of microphone is the most common type used with consumer electronics, making the H2a an extremely versatile hydrophone with many options for compatible equipment.

Excite Technology (SAICS) Species AI Capture System

Technical Summary by Jason Williams

Built for the toughest conditions

We build our systems to operate under some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Each individual component of an Excite SAIC System is selected for its engineering quality, and robustness in a range of extreme temperatures, moisture, and potentially high wind speeds.

Marine Grade

Many of our projects involve integrating our technology into coastal locations which means everything must be housed in marine-grade enclosures that can withstand the harsh sea air. The high salt content can be extremely corrosive to poorly protected equipment.

Advanced Camera Technology

Most of our species capture work depends on recording high-definition videos of a particular species sometimes at close range and in low light levels. Our cameras must be tough, dynamic, and built with the minimum of moving parts to endure the vibration of gale force winds. We use stainless steel camera enclosures with built-in anti-condensation heaters, screen wipers, and anti-freeze washers.

Advanced Algorithms built into the Camera’s firmware allow the camera to adjust automatically to low light levels, keep our images sharply in focus, and compensate for image stability in strong winds.

Safe Data Storage

We capture and store data using a mid-tier system. Resilience is increased by storing data internally in the camera in real-time before transferring it to a fireproof and water-resistant network attached storage drive. An industrial fanless PC is used to synchronise the data with cloud-based storage and monitor the health of the entire system.

Robust Data Communications

In mission critical applications our customers rely on our technology to provide them with up to the minute data. This requires a safe secure and reliable internet connection. Through load balancing we can leverage our experience of 4G LTE cellular communications to provide connections across multiple carriers (EE,Vodafone, O2). In rural locations where cellular networks are not available, we have a range of satellite technologies (Freedomsat, OneWeb, Starlink)  that can keep us permanently connected online.

Efficient Clean Power

We specify equipment with low power consumptions to make operating costs more economical, through cutting-edge UPS technology we can smooth out noisy electrical connections and keep vital components of our system operating through power outages.

Unparalleled Support

The Excite SAIC system is monitored continuously 24 hours a day seven days a week through our automated health check process. We have developed preventative techniques allowing us to can diagnose potential faults before they affect continuous operation.

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