Excite technology is committed to developing solutions to keep the workplace safe.

We have partnered with ALIS Tech to give our customers access to some of the most advanced industrial safety technology available.

A selection of technologies is described below to outline some of our capabilities in this area of research.

Elimination of operational blindness by the smart floor marking technique.

Projection of safety zone around suspended load.

Built-in LED projector to a parabolic mirror.

Safety signs in various colours, shapes and sizes.

Personal tag in various types – wrist band, card, helmet/belt tag

3 types of danger signalization – vibration, visual, acoustic, opto-acoustic

Variant with ATEX certification; IP 67 protection

Improved level of personal safety in hazardous zones

Accident avoidance for material handling equipment.

Improved level of safety in operation nearby the MHE

Active alert of forklift driver and the 3rd party

Autonomous, fluent speed deceleration towards another MHE / pedestrian

Elimination of blind spots; elimination of operational blindness

The forklift autonomously slows down to a maximum predefined speed when moving in the zone.

Industrial door anti-collision

Indoor/outdoor use of zoning; indoor/outdoor use of anti-collision

Saving on costs and downtime and saving on insurance costs

Improved level of personal safety in the hazardous zones

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