Project Description

Conducting proof of concept studies for off-shore underwater species detection with SSE at the Deep in Hull, UK.

Excite Technology were commissioned by their client to install some of the most advanced underwater sensing technologies in the world in order to better understand their capabilities to detect and identify various species of fish and marine mammals. The aim of this proof of concept study being to deploy these technologies in strategic locations in and around their off-shore windfams.

The Deep is an award-winning aquarium situated at Sammy’s point where the River Hull meets the Humber Estuary. It is home to around 5000 animals. With the kind permission and support of The Deep and their fabulous team, Excite Technology installed a permanent power & data cabling infrastructure around the 10 Metre deep endless ocean tank which is filled with 2,500,00 litres of water and has Europe’s deepest viewing tunnel.

Working from a floating platform directly above the tank which is home to Sharks, Rays, and Europe’s only pair of green sawfish, The Excite technology team installed an array of Hydrophones, 3D High Defintion SONAR, Optical LIDAR (visible laser beam), and Submerssible High Definition Video Cameras.

Excite Technology managed a number of small speciaiist teams from the manufacturers of the various technologies and provied purpose-built kiosks to host their data capture and recording equipment. Working along side The Deep staff to ensure that the project integrated into the aquarium’s busy visitor schedule and that they adhered to their high standards in Hygiene, Health, and Safety.

The results of the studies were very impressive and some of data was processed by a data science team from Microsoft which was used to create a digital twin concept at an environmental exhibition in the Netherlands.

The study at The Deep is just the tip of the iceberg for further studies and POC’s in this exciting area of subsea species detection.
Excite technology were recently involved in designing a sensor rig to attach to artificial reefs for a European project.

Project Details